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CCTV Installation Services

Indecom is one of Phoenix, Arizona's most reliable and professional CCTV installation service, repair and cabling contractors. We provide our customers with the best products in the CCTV surveillance industry designed to meet all of your demands. Indecom is an AXIS Authorized Partner and can have your CCTV lenses or cameras available for installation within days. Indecom focuses on IP based CCTV surveillance systems in the Industrial, Transportation, Education and City Government markets.

Indecom's CCTV engineers can precisely determine the correct camera or lens for your exact situation or coverage area. CCTV cameras come in a wide range of varieties so it can be confusing to some when trying to figure out the correct camera, Indecom takes the confusion out of the equation. Indecom is licensed to service all building types and all CCTV camera and DVR installations here in Phoenix, Arizona.

CCTV video gives you protection against liabilities. With CCTV video evidence of an incident or alleged incident, claims can quickly and appropriately be investigated and verified. Video also allows for proactive evaluation of possible OSHA violations and documentation for Human Resources investigations. Indecom CCTV solutions provide tamperproof, encrypted and watermarked video that can be copied securely and saved for however long you need it to protect your business.

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